Our Mission

To provide an expert, multi-modality approach to meet the unmet needs of people who are:

  • Currently undergoing cancer treatment
  • Recovering from cancer treatment
  • Needing expert guidance to manage the physical, emotional and practical consequences of cancer and its treatment

Cancer treatment and management changes at a rapid rate, and it is vitally important that advice from health professionals is up-to-date. It is for this reason that our clinic staff:

  • are expert Allied Health professionals currently maintaining appointments within Specialist Cancer Hospitals
  • have significant years of experience dealing with all types of cancer and cancer treatment
  • maintain close networks with oncologists, haematologists, nurse coordinators and hospital based allied health staff

Our clinic is located directly across the road from the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre which includes the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Royal Melbourne Hospital and the Royal Womens Hospital.

What is cancer rehabilitation?

Cancer rehabilitation helps people regain strength, physical functioning and independence that they may have lost due to cancer and its treatment. Treatments for cancer typically include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy and stem cell transplantation. The effects of these treatments can lead to significant impact on overall health and wellbeing. Common side effects include pain, fatigue, lymphedema, weakness, worry and anxiety, difficulty returning to work and difficulty getting back into life.

Current evidence show that cancer rehabilitation alleviates side effects and improves overall function and quality of life after cancer.

Cancer rehabilitation programs are best delivered by expert cancer allied health professionals who have in depth knowledge of current cancer treatment alongside the recovery process. Cancer Rehab Melbourne clinical staff have training training and experience with all types of cancer, cancer treatment, and cancer rehabilitiation research.

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Our Specialist Services

We offer several cancer allied health services including:

Occupational Therapy

Nutrition & Dietetics

Excercise Physiology